The Fields are Ripe and Ready For Harvest

Be busy about my business and I will take care of yours, says the LORD. I have called laborers into My harvest field that is plenteous and ready for the reapers. I have said that the harvest will be great. Do not be like the son who said, “I go sir,” but did not do it. Saying yes is not enough. I Am calling for those who are doers of the Work, not hearers of My Word only, says the LORD.

I am the Lord of the harvest, and the fields are ripe and ready, says the LORD Though you may have been the son that said you would NOT go, and repented and obeyed, I will be pleased with those who go where I send them, and DO what I ask them to do. Even My servant, Moses, asked Me to send someone else. Yet, he pleased Me by His obedience. Obey My voice and lift up your heads and see that the fields are ripe for harvest now, and gather in My harvest, that nothing will be lost. I will reward you for your faithfulness, and your labor is not vain in Me, says the LORD.

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