The harvest is coming

The Harvest is Coming

The harvest is comingThe harvest is coming, says the LORD! Your labor in Me is NOT in vain. You have plowed the field. You have planted. You have watered. You have cultivated and you have suffered through the heat of many days, waiting for the time of harvest. I told you that you would reap what you have sown. I cannot lie. I AM the Lord of the harvest, and it will be bountiful. You will have an expected end, says the LORD.

Although you have wept as you have worked in My field, as your labors have increased, be of GOOD cheer, says the LORD. Your reward is GREAT! You will not have a failed harvest. The good seed will grow! You will not be disappointed! Your sorrow will be turned to joy as you join with the other reapers and shout for joy! The harvest is plenteous and you will not be ashamed, but fully rewarded for your faithful service in My field, says the LORD.

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