The Humble Will Be Exalted

No one who seeks Me will go away empty but be filled. No one who desires to be used of ME will be turned down. I AM calling workers into My field, and I look on their hearts, not the outward appearance. I look on the willingness and obedience of those who desire to serve Me. I look on their agenda and see the motivation of the heart, says the LORD.

Those who are humble before Me will be exalted, says the LORD. For I hate pride and arrogance and vain glory. I will bring those lofty ones down to the ground, while promoting My humble servants. Those who are meek and lowly of heart will be recognized of ME. Those who pursue My kingdom and desire to build it rather than their own will be My called out, empowered servants that will bring in the harvest, for they will do great feats for Me, and be used for My glory, says the LORD.

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