Serve Me with joy and gladness, says the Lord. For great is your reward. To be in My presence and to stand at My right hand is a pleasure for you, not a duty! You are in partnership with Me, and you are a joint heir with Me of My kingdom that is without end. Be a faithful and devoted servant-child that surrenders yourself to Me as a cheerful giver. For your labor for Me is not vain. You will eat at My table that is prepared for you. What you sow, you will reap, and receive the benefits that are not temporal, but eternal, says the LORD.

My kingdom is without end, and your treasures that await you will never be lost, stolen, cannot wear out or be used up, says the Lord. You will hear Me say, “Well done, thou good and faithful servant: enter into the joys of the Lord.” For your faithfulness pleases Me, and I want you to finish, and finish WELL! Never give in to the pleasures that are for a season, in exchange for that which is eternal; for all who serve Me will rejoice forevermore as they have given themselves to Me, and obeyed Me out of a heart of love and unfeigned faith, says the LORD.

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