I have made you unique and special, says the LORD. There is NONE other like Me, and I have made you so that there is NONE OTHER like you. You are not an oops, or a makeover or a flawed creation, but My workmanship that is created for My purpose and pleasure. You do not fit in anyone else’s shoes, but you can wear Mine, for your feet are to be shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace. They fit you, for I formed you to conform to My own image and likeness, and to be on earth as I AM, says the LORD.

Do not try to pattern yourself after any other, and do not try to fit into their expectations and demands. Just be pleasing To Me and pursue My will for your life, says the LORD. You will be completely furnished onto every good work that I have created you to fulfill, and I will supply all your need. You need not fret about the future that is in My hands, but trust that I will give you everything that you need, and use you for My glory as I position and empower you to fulfill every assignment that I have created you to accomplish for My eternal glory, says the LORD.

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