When I command, is there any power that can stop Me? Says the LORD. When I decree, can anyone annul it or override it? Who can fulfill any of My Word for Me, and Who can change one jot or tittle of what I have said, and make it happen? Who has the power to change My plans and thoughts and change the order of anything that I set in place? No one can dictate to Me, and no one can overpower Me. I Am, and there is no power that is greater, says the LORD.

I Am your everlasting portion, says the LORD. Who can rob you of My love for you or take you out of My hands that hold you? I have sealed you with My Love, and My Holy SPIRIT and MY OWN NAME! You belong to Me, because you have chosen Me to be YOUR Savior and LORD. I received you as MY VERY OWN child, and have given you everlasting life, says the LORD.

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