I know how to put the pieces of your life back together again, says the LORD. I can and will make you whole. I made you in the first place, recorded all your parts in My book, and know where every part of you is. Though you may feel like the winds of adversity have scattered the pieces of your life to the four corners of the earth, the winds of My SPIRIT are greater! I will gather them, even the tiniest particles, and put everyone of them in their perfect place and right order. You cannot do it, no one else can, but I can, and I will, says the LORD.

I Am your Healer, and there is nothing beyond My power, says the LORD. I Am your ever-present Help in times of trouble. I want you to be completely whole in body, soul and spirit. Shattered, scattered and broken vessels are not beyond My repair. I will restore you and put you back together again, because you belong to Me, are in My hands that have formed you for My glory, My Name us upon you, and My Spirit is in you, because you have trusted in Me as your Savior, your Redeemer, your Healer, and your Lord. What I have begun in you will be complete, not torn apart and broken. I will perfect you, because you are My workmanship, and greatly beloved of Me, says the LORD.

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