You Can Never Overestimate Me

You can never overestimate Me or what I can do and will do, says the LORD. DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE ME! Didn’t I tell you that I will give you more than you could ever ask, think or imagine? I Am unlimited in space and time, so do not ever say that it is past the point of possibility when that is NOT true. My times are your times and they are all in My hands that created them and you! I AM not too late, and everything is always on schedule…Mine! Did Abraham and Sarah have Isaac before I purposed for HIM? Did I cause them to wait long enough for it to become an unusual miracle, so that I would get the GLORY and no one could ever doubt that He was a special, chosen child that I formed for My purpose and glory, says the LORD.

Your miracle in the making is on time and always precisely on schedule, says the LORD. No one can take the credit for what I do, and those things you waited for will even surprise you, as you have given up on many of your dreams and visions and desires, no longer believing that I can and will perform them. I will have My say, the final say, and I will have My way. For although I promised that Sarah would have a child, she laughed in disbelief. But she laughed in joy when she embraced her miracle son.

I laughed Pharaoh’s army as they chased My people, Israel, says the LORD. I laugh at your enemies that cause you tears and anxiety. You too will laugh when I show forth My glory in your life and do the things you thought were impossible, and you will no longer weep because of an enemy that chases you or mourn over a lost dream that I will grant when you did not even expect it any more and just accepted your situation. I will not only grant you a miracle, but you will BECOME one, and I will make YOU a sign and a wonder for all to see, as I do the spectacular and wonderful in your life and the days of your mourning will be OVER, says the LORD.

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