Although you have cried and cried and cried, you will laugh and laugh and laugh, says the LORD. Your tears have been bitter, and your grief and loss has been great. But the time of your mourning is over. You have wept on through the night, but now you will laugh until you cry. I will turn your sorrow into joy and you will sing again. You will rejoice and be glad. You will forget the pain of your past as you embrace the light of a NEW day and time that I have created for you, says the LORD.

Yes, I will turn things around for you, says the Lord. You will not be tread upon as a door mat, and you will not be overlooked. I will bring you out of that dark place of despondency and you will be sought after. As a city that is set upon a hill that cannot be hid, your light will shine. You will be filled with joy and you will not consider your losses any more in the light of all My blessings that I pour out upon you. You will not want to go back to retrieve anything, for your destiny purpose lies ahead, and I will supply you with all that you need, so that you will have more than enough, and you will no longer long for the “good old days,” as you look forward to what I have prepared for you, in the new that I have created for you, says the LORD.

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