Your Reward is in the Harvest

The exceeding, great reward that I have for you goes far beyond your need, says the LORD. It exceeds your expectations, surpasses your imagination, and transcends far above your vision. For when I said the harvest will be great, you who have hoped for the harvest to be equivalent to what you have sown, will be in for a huge surprise. For many of you just want things to balance out. That is NOT what I have ordained for you. Seed time proceeds harvest time and the harvest will not be a failure. The seed will not only produce an abundant harvest of GOOD things, but it will contain seed within itself, says the LORD.

Your reward is in the harvest, says the LORD. Your reward will not just be new seed that I give you, or bread for your food, but the JOY THAT AWAITS you as you reap! You will sing, and make a joyful noise unto me, as you gather, rather than scatter, as you reap rather than sow, as you joy rather than sorrow, as you enjoy the benefits of that which you have faithfully labored for and awaited. You will not be disappointed. As the hard labor has overwhelmed you in the heat of the day and the toil in My fields, you will be overrun with My blessings upon blessings that will overwhelm you! Trust that I AM your exceeding, great reward, and you will reap an abundant harvest that is unexpected, miraculous and shockingly ready for you to REAP WITH UNSPEAKABLE JOY, says the LORD.

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