You will have an avalanche of blessings that I pour out upon you, says the LORD. Instead of troubles on every side, you will have blessings on the right hand and on the left, behind you and before you. I will rain them down, and there will be MORE than enough. You will not have room to contain them. Even as the manna in the wilderness was in excess of their need, so shall My supply for you be. You will be blessed to be a blessing to many, for you will have supernatural provision, even as the manna was angel’s food, says the LORD.

Your portion will not be small, but great, says the LORD. You will not lack any good thing. You will not live in want, for I Am your GREAT SHEPHERD. I will satisfy the longing of your soul and you will eat and be fat and full. You will not be empty, but filled to overflowing as I not only furnish you onto every good work that I have called you to do, but will make you a conduit of blessing as you reach the lost, the hurting, the needy and bring them into the safety and shelter of My fold. Yes, you will be engaged as a harvester of souls for My kingdom, and many will come into My kingdom as My blessed remnant are fully equipped to do great feats as they expand My kingdom on earth as it is in heaven, and loose the captives and set them free, says the LORD.

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