Don’t Be Afraid

Don’t be afraid of anything or anyone, says the LORD. I have never given you tormenting fear, but assurance that all will be well. I have told you the truth that liberates you from the snares of the evil one who wants you to be trapped and paralyzed with fear. You are not under his authority and you need not be terrorized by his threats that he can NEVER carry out. I have rebuked the destroyer and there is no destruction coming your way. I have stood in the gap for you, and He cannot get through Me to get to you, says the LORD.

Sleep well, for you do not have to toss and turn, fretting about your future, says the LORD. I have already taken care of every detail of it as well as your present situations. WHY WORRY about what I have in MY hands? THAT IS EVERYTHING, not just some things. I love to be involved in tiny details, and never even miss one punctuation mark when I speak and record My decrees over your life. Everything will be done according to MY purposes, and work for your good, because you love Me, I AM your God, and all will be well, says the LORD.

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