Don’t give up on the brink of your Promised Land, says the LORD. For I have given you the right of passage. The sea will part, and you will cross over on dry ground. Your feet will not ger muddy, and you will not be kept back from possessing the land, if you hold onto your profession of faith in Me and refuse to accept defeat. Don’t look at the impossibilities and quit because of the challenges that are on the other side. Iron chariots and walled cities are not a problem to Me. Giants cannot stand in your way1 MOVE forward as you walk by faith and trust in Me, and are not intimidated by what is on the other side, says the LORD.

You will not be robbed and spoiled, says the LORD. I will give you the power to conquer the enemy and possess the land. The enemy will not possess YOU! You will not be a prisoner or a slave to anyone. I have set you free to serve Me and you will not serve the purposes of others. I OWN YOU and have given you power to defeat the dark one, push back the forces of darkness, and drive the enemy out of the land. Possession is what I promised, and you will be more than a conqueror in Me if you refuse to give up when you encounter the forces of darkness. KNOW that I Am the Greater One that is in you, with you and there is NOTHING that you cannot do, as I strengthen you, says the LORD.

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