I have loosed your bonds and set you free, says the LORD. You are not a prisoner, and you will not be hidden. I have brought you out of that obscurity and darkness that can even be felt, and given you light that is more powerful and tangible. You will FEEL My light in you, and your heart will sing again. For My light in you is more powerful than a laser, says the LORD.

You will break out on the left and the right as you are clothed with My armor of light and that light will penetrate the darkness, extinguish and dispel it. You will be a bright light that attracts others to MY light in you, and I will use you for My glory. Rise up and shout for joy, for you have been liberated, and are free to serve Me. I will illuminate the path that is before you, and you will not be misguided, nor will you stumble. You will move forward with ease, as I order your steps and prepare the places for you, and you will be a blessing to others, as I have blessed you, says the LORD.

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