I Will Honor Those Who Honor Me

Honor comes from Me, says the Lord. I will honor all those who honor Me. I will honor the words that you speak and bring them to pass as they align with My holy, infallible Word, For I will bring you from the very bottom to the top and you will not be obscure. I will make you as a city that is set upon a hill that cannot be hid. For as you walk humbly before Me and submit yourself unto Me, will not I cause you to rise up in My splendor? My face shall radiate upon you and you will be exalted into heavenly places with Me, says the LORD.

The haughty, high and mighty will come down, and My lowly servants will come UP, says the LORD. Those who obey My voice and follow Me are MY SHEEP, and the wolves who follow their own whims and wishes and try to make prey My sheep will be suddenly exposed, and they will fall. But My chosen servants will never be defeated or fall, but they will rise suddenly! For even as Mordecai rose from a pauper to a prince, I will raise My holy remnant warriors to sudden promotions, and the enemy will be defeated that has scorned and mocked My servant-children and made them cry. But they shall weep no more, and they shall laugh as I openly bring them to a place of honor in the very presence of their enemies, and they will rejoice and be glad, says the LORD.

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