I Will Pour Out My Miracles

Absolutely NOTHING is too complicated or complex for Me, says the LORD. I made everything and everyone, and I Am able to do all things, and I do them well. I cannot be stumped or taken back by anything. You may view things as a crisis, but I do not. Miracles are what I perform every day, and nothing is beyond My ability. Nothing is out of My control. Nothing gets past My vision. I see. I know. I can do what no one else can do, and I will pour out My miracles and do great and mighty things in the midst of you that NO ONE WILL BE ABLE TO TAKE THE CREDIT FOR, says the LORD.

The lame will walk, says the LORD. The blind will see. The deaf will hear. The lepers will be cleansed. The dead shall be raised. The sick will be healed. I sent MY WORD to heal, repair, revive, restore, renew, deliver, provide, save, and sanctify, and it will not return unto Me void and unproductive. It will accomplish what I have sent it forth to do. My powerful Word will perform exactly what I said, and I will do amazing, astounding things that will point to My Sovereignty, My Power, My SPIRIT, and My Might. The times of revival and refreshing are coming, and Miracles will fall like the rain, as I pour out My SPIRIT and Fire, and revival fires will be fanned and spread by the winds of MY SPIRIT, and My kingdom on earth will be expanded as I show forth My glory and power, says the LORD.

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