Invest Your Live in My Kingdom

It is not a vain thing to invest your life and resources into My kingdom, says the LORD. For I gave My life for you. When you give your life for Me, you will not be empty, but full. You will not be among the walking dead, but very much alive. Your life will not be wasted, but it will be fulfilled. You will never regret living your life in submission to My will, for you will see astounding miracles that I will perform in the midst of you and all those who seek Me first, sacrifice the greatest and pursue My interests, says the LORD.

Nothing that is done for Me is wasted, and noting goes unrewarded, says the LORD. I have reserved the greatest gifts and down pouring of My blessings for those who have Made Me their choice. I have targeted all those who have given themselves totally to Me, to be My anointed ones that will be empowered to bring in the harvest. These are My chosen remnant that I will use for My glory, and give them My manifest glory, and use them mightily in My kingdom as I empower them to do the greater works that I said will happen, says the LORD.

To donate, please go to our website and use the donation button, or go to pay pal and donate to [email protected] or send your donations to:

Prophet June Reinke
Prophetic Light International
40403 Sunburst Drive
Dade City, Florida 33525

Thank you so much for partnering with us and GOD BLESS you as you give.

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