My Favor Rests Upon You

favorMy favor rests upon you, says the LORD. IT IS NOT SMALL, but GREAT! It lasts for your lifetime and beyond, for it is not just about time, but eternity. I have mantled you with Myself. I AM your covering! I have clothed you with Myself, and you are well-favored. Nothing can touch you or destroy My good work in You. I Am the Author and finisher of your faith and I Am the ONE Who has given you grace that is sufficient and abundant, just because you belong to Me, and I have set My love upon you, says the LORD.

You are important to Me, says the LORD. Do you think that you are ever forgotten? Can I ignore you? I paid a great price for you to bring you into My Kingdom, into My presence, into My family and into My glory. How can you think that I would forget MY COSTLY investment into you? It cost me everything, and I have become your everything and all. While you were yet a sinner, I died for you. I saved you, and I made you MY BELOVED child. You will always know My favor and grace, and I will perform My good Word and Work and Will in you to the perfection of MY GLORY, says the LORD.

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