RejoiceRejoice, rejoice, rejoice, says the LORD. It is time to sing! It is time to praise! It is time to worship! It is time to be thankful for all that I Am in your life. I Am the GOD of breakthrough. Sing and make melody in your heart to Me NOW! For as you do, the atmosphere around you will change! Things will begin to MOVE. You will see change. You will be changed! You will feel My presence as I inhabit you and surround you and invade the environs and bring light all around you that can be FELT, says the LORD.

Darkness will give way to the light of a new day, says the LORD. Depression will flee from you as you shake of that dark and bleak garment and put on the garment of praise. I will fill you with My Spirit. I will download joy in your heart and life. I will defeat the defeat, and renew the JOY of your salvation. Forget about the negative gloom and doom that is being forecast by others, and believe for that which I have promised. I have laid up in store good things for you that the enemy cannot anticipate, steal or destroy. You will see. You will hear. You will know that I Am GOD in the midst of you that will turn your sorrow into joy and give you pleasure in My presence, and load you with unspeakable blessings, as you REJOICE in ME, says the Lord.

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