There is NOTHING that I will not do for you, says the LORD. NOTHING! I will supply all your need. I AM the One who numbers the hairs on your head. CAN YOU DO THAT? I know your need before you ask Me, and I AM always on spot and on time. Look at your past problems and see the answers that I have given you. Remember how I provided for you in the past. Take note of My intervention. See how I saved you in the past and delivered you from all your troubles. I have healed you. I have provided for you. I have helped you. I have furnished you and FIXED you many times in the past. NOW REMEMBER My faithfulness to you as your GREAT SHEPHERD, says the LORD.

The difficulties you face now are simple for ME to remedy, says the LORD. Begin to praise Me for the answers in the past and act like the things you need now are already DONE! Add them to your praise and thanksgiving to Me. For I HAVE ALREADY answered your prayers. You will walk into the provision. You will walk into the intervention. You will walk into the things I have prepared for you, and you will be safe and secure, healed, revived, restored, and as far as I AM CONCERNED, it is FINISHED! You are COMPLETE IN ME, NOW and always, and you will never go without My care, My help, My grace, My love and My provision. JUST SIMPLY TRUST in Me as you thank ME before you walk into the blessings that await you, that are already appropriated and set in motion for you to discover and embrace, says the LORD.

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