Shout for joy, for I Am always with you, says the LORD. Be joyful in My presence. Let My joy consume you so that you are saturated, permeated, filled and overflowing with unspeakable joy and laughter. Away with the tears! Away with the sorrow. Away with the depression, and make way for rejoicing! Sing praises onto My Holy Name, and be filled with a new freedom to worship, unencumbered by the cares of life, unfettered, and unbound, says the LORD.

I want you to be joyful, says the LORD. I want you to be free of fear and doubt. Let your faith cause you to rise to a new level of thanksgiving and praise, KNOWING that I will answer your prayers, supply your needs, and grant you the desires of your heart. Have confidence in ME. Lift up your voice and make melody in your heart of praise to Me. For you are blessed, you are free, you are filled, and you are victorious in ME, says the LORD.

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