Every detail about your life is significant to Me, says the LORD. I know all about you and care for everything that concerns you. I numbered the hairs on your head. I know every cell in your body. I see every breath that you take and record every time you even think of Me. I hear every prayer that you speak and think and know every sigh. Your tears are numbered, bottled and stored. That is how important you are to Me, and your pain and suffering is never unrewarded. WHY DO I save each tear? I will not only wipe them away, but I will turn your sorrow into joy, your pain into pleasure and your desert places will blossom like a rose, says the LORD.

You will enjoy the fruit of the land as you have a harvest of good things, says the LORD. You will not remain as you are, but change is coming. I will give you NEW things and Make YOU new. You will not walk with a limp, but run and not grow weary, as you have waited upon Me. I will give you the increase, and you will BE INCREASED. I will expand you and your boarders and pour out My Spirit on you and cause you to sing the new songs of deliverance as you eat the good of the land and rejoice in My goodness and mercy that have given you in the land of the living, says the LORD.

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