Stand firm on the foundation that I have placed you on and remain fixed in Me, says the LORD. You cannot separate Me from My Word. You cannot separate My Word from My will. You cannot separate My will from My thoughts. You cannot separate My thoughts from My Work. All are as one, and that foundation is sure. You will be in agreement with Me and you will be strong in ME, says the LORD.

All that stand upon My Word will endure the greatest storms in life, says the LORD. Nothing will harm them. Nothing will destroy them. Nothing will change them or alter them. This is how I want you to be! Even as I cannot be changed, I do not want you to be tossed and turned by the events in your life. As you stand firm in Me and My WORD, you will do the Work of My kingdom and you will be established and empowered to do the greater works that I have called you to do, without disruption or distraction and you will be promoted to be a leader as you follow Me, says the LORD.

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