Strength to Endure, Power to Prevail, Ability to Conquer

The times that you were fearful that you would not be able to endure and survive the situations that you were going through, you did, says the LORD. Look back and see what bring I have already brought you through and know that your present circumstances are JUST LIKE THAT! What now seems too difficult for you to endure will soon be over as well and you will not only be passed it, but you will be stronger. What was meant to destroy you and weaken you in the past did the opposite, as you became stronger, your faith increased, and you ascended in new heights of My glory, says the LORD.

Your current difficulties will become another testimony of My grace and favor and provision in your life. I will see you through, says the LORD. Take a deep breath and press on. I Am with you, to give you the strength to endure, the power to prevail, and the ability to be more than a conqueror. You will not just get past the problems, but I will cause you to always triumph in Me, and you will rejoice and be glad. You will get through these trials and come up higher, and you will not just say, “Whew, I made it,” but your joy will be full as you shift to a higher level, and there will be an increase instead of a decrease, and you will forget the former difficulties as you enjoy the blessings that I release into your life, because you have made me your trust, says the LORD.

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