The winds of My Spirit are blowing, says the LORD. I Am shaking things. I Am removing the chaff. I Am moving things. I Am changing things. I Am repositioning things. I Am transferring things. I Am securing things that I have planted, that cannot be plucked up. I will shake and reshape the very environs, and rid myself of the things that are unproductive, impure, and diabolical that have stood in the way of My people. Obstacles will be blown away. The diabolical weapons of the enemy will be violently destroyed by the winds of MY SPIRIT. I will scatter the enemy to the four winds so that there is no coalition. Not one will stand with another, and there will be no unified force of evil that will prevail against you, My people, by beloved, says the LORD.

The winds Of My Spirit will breathe new life into My people, says the LORD. They will revive, refresh, revitalize, restore, renew. Revival fires will be fanned, not blown out. They will spread like wild fire and I will bring NEW life into My church that will be glorious, spotless, without flaws and wrinkles, and they will be empowered to bring in a harvest that is great for My kingdom and by My power and for My glory, by My grace, says the LORD.

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