You are not forgotten, says the LORD. Your prayers are heard! I record every one of them in My book of remembrance. I value your voice and hear every silent cry of your heart. Nothing gets past my attention, and I attend to you! Be aware of My presence in your life at all times. Don’t focus on the problems but focus on Me instead! I told you that I AM with you always! You are never alone, never without My help, and I Am always there to assist you in every situation that you face, says the LORD.

I will guard you, says the LORD. I will guide you. I will furnish you and equip you completely for everything you need to do and every purpose that I have called you to accomplish under the sun. I will never ignore you, so do not ignore ME! I Am speaking! I Am preparing the way for you! I Am ordering your steps. You need not do anything on your own, as you partner with ME! The troubles that you face now will become a thing of the past, and I will bring you through them, unharmed, unscathed and you will not know defeat, as you realize that I will never leave you, forget you, or expect you to do anything without My help. I will always be with you, and good success comes from Me as you dwell on Me and continually entrust your care to ME, says the LORD.

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