You Will Soar Like an Eagle

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You will soar like an eagle as you ascend into new heights of MY GLORY, says the LORD. You will be high above the storm clouds. It will be effortless and exhilarating. I will give you new vision. I will give you unspeakable joy. You will be carefree and unbound as you come up higher and relinquish the cares of your life. You will be unburdened and unencumbered. Your joy will be full in My presence and your heart will sing, says the LORD.

Although you have cried many tears, your sorrow will be turned into joy. For the days of mourning are over. No more anguish. Just come up higher! Be free. Be loosed. Be filled. Be full. Be completely satisfied as you ascend and soar. For I will restore unto you the joy of your salvation and give you My grace and glory, as you enter into sweet communion with Me in the secret place and enjoy the excellency of My presence, says the LORD.

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