Your Future is Not Doom and Gloom

There will always be opposition, says the LORD. Many will take pleasure in their endeavors to ridicule your vision, spoil your plans, tarnish your name and disrupt your peace. Don’t let this trouble your mind and distract you from pressing forward. I have GOOD NEWS for you! I Am the One who stands up to defend you. I have sanctified you by My own blood, because of your faith in My finished work on the cross, and I Am your life, says the Lord.

Shut your ears to the sound of the critics and turn your attention away from the naysayers who cannot speak anything encouraging. Take heart. The sky is not falling, you are not failing, and your future is not doom and gloom. I have given you new strategies, now ideas for your future that will unfold. You will not fail, for I will give you good success as you turn your eyes upon Me and set your face toward the promised land of your blessings, as you pursue your dreams and encourage yourself in Me, says the LORD.

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