Your times and seasons that I have authored for your life are ON TIME, and exactly on schedule. You are not behind in anything, and I will not let you jump ahead of schedule, says the Lord. You’re not to fret about the future or struggle against the very things that seem to be setbacks, for they are only a setup for you. Testing times will end in promotion for you, as you hold onto My unfailing hands that created you for My own purposes, says the Lord.

I know the desires of your heart and will not withhold any good thing from you, says the LORD. Be patient, for nothing will be unfinished in your life. I will take care of you as you entrust your life to me, and I will handle every care that you give me. Walk in the light of each new day and take the steps that are ahead of you and do not worry about the pace that I set just for you. For when things seem slow, that is your time to wait and let Me download into you new strategies for a new season, and give you what you need for what I have prescribed for your life ahead, says the LORD.

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