Mountain Moving Faith

Everyone wants mountain moving faith. But if a person does not have enough faith to even move a grain of sand from an ant hill, it is unlikely that a mountain will budge. Faith begins with a seed, that must grow and mature before it brings forth fruit. Faith comes by hearing the Word of GOD. How often His word is squelched out by the negative, unbelieving words of others. It gets buried under the sea of opinions, false doctrines and even hype and vain glory.

Faith will grow by use. When other voices scream of fear, doubt and unbelief, faith must come to the surface and proclaim GOD’s Word, that is infallible. But mental ascent is NOT faith. Believing that GOD’s Word is truth, but not applying it is simply saying, I know GOD said it, I believe it it true, and know GOD can do it, but I am not absolutely certain that it will work in my situation. It won’t if it is not real, unwavering faith.

Faith NEVER quits, regardless of the opposition, the dissenting voices, the wagging of heads, the disbelief of others. Faith keeps on going. It is relentless! It never quits.

Faith will be tried and tested. Abraham believed GOD and it was counted onto him for righteousness. It did not say that Abraham was righteous and then believed and received. He believed first, and that became his righteousness. The righteousness of faith in him was tested when GOD told him to offer Isaac on the altar as a sacrifice. First, he had to believe that there would be the birthing of this promised seed (Isaac); then he had to OFFER him sacrificially to GOD. Which was the greater faith? Had he NOT believed in this miraculous birth, he could not have believed that GOD would resurrect him from the dead if he offered Him to GOD. His faith was TESTED!

Until faith is tested, there is no actual proof that it is genuine. Proclaiming faith without works is dead, unproductive, useless! A living faith will PRODUCE, because that seed will GROW until it comes to maturity.

Practice your faith EVERY DAY rather than looking for some mountain to move. USE your faith in the small things. Your faith will build when it is active and productive. You will see the little things done, and you will be ready for a BIGGER demonstration of GOD’s Word to happen for you, your loved ones, your community and then the world.

Romans 5:2-6 tells us that faith gives us access into the grace we now stand. WE glory in tribulations that exercise our patience, giving us experience, that produces hope that is not barren (ashamed) but fruitful. Use your faith in GOD and HIS WORD continually, and don’t wait for the BIG challenge. It will cross your path, and you will be READY for it when you put your faith to work in the most practical ways every day and watch GOD work in your life and the lives of those you pray for and entrust to GOD.

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