Partners for Prophetic Light Church Restoration Project

Had I fully known the price, process, , procedures, problems, and pressures that would accompany the restoration of our home base church of Prophetic Light International, I might have aborted the project before we began.  At that time I had no idea that the building could collapse!  After paying the final payment of the foundation that was repaired, replaced, and raised, I had a remaining seven cents and I have 77 cents balance in our pay pal account to date. That is triple sevens.

There are seven phases in this restoration project. We have obtained estimates for the next three vital steps. The walls are cracked everywhere and need to be repaired and painted; the exterior has to be repaired and repainted; the heating and cooling units that are over 31 years old have to be replaced, replete with duct work.

The number 7 is a prophetic sign of completion and perfection. Since there are three separate 7’s, I believe it signifies the next three phases. Someone donated $77.77 to our ministry, which confirms not only the purpose, plan, and provision of GOD, but indicates that it has been established by GOD, and will be fulfilled soon.

Genesis 41:32: And for that the dream was doubled unto
Pharaoh twice; it is because the thing is established by God,
and God will shortly bring it to pass.

Although the combined estimates are about $20,000 for these three phases, and we are endeavoring to shave some of the cost, they are coming in at nearly the same amount.

We have come THIS FAR by faith, and as we go forward it will require 100 percent faith to the finish!

Thank you so much for your faithful support and love and prayers. Without them we would now be sitting under a leaking roof in a church that could collapse or be condemned because of a rotting foundation and unrepairable roof. It is a miracle project and with every proposal, it will require a miracle to complete.

May GOD richly bless you as you partner with us to finish the task and resume the ministry of Prophetic Light International, that reaches the nations. It is MY PURPOSE and PLEASURE to serve you with every fiber of my being, for we cannot serve GOD without serving others.

To donate, please use the donation button on the website:  or send your gifts of help directly to:

Prophetic Light International
40403 Sunburst Drive
Dade City, Florida 33525

Thank you from the depth of my heart and may GOD richly bless you as you partner with us to reach the nations for the kingdom of GOD and His glory. Prophet June Sheltrown

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