My Throne Room Of Grace

Come boldly into My throne room of Grace, says the LORD, for you are always welcome.  Do not crawl into My presence. I have positioned you as My beloved child.  My finished work on the cross and My shed blood for you has entitled you to approach Me without fear of rejection or condemnation.  I have purchased you with a great price because I value you.  Your faith in Me has made you whole.  Ask largely of Me.  See yourself as My precious child that I love with an everlasting love.  Know that I love to lavish good gifts on My children.  Believe that not only are you welcome, but you are to be at home in My presence.  It is where you belong.  I have given you access to all that I have, says the LORD.

I have given you the keys to My kingdom and have empowered you to use them, says the LORD. You are not a beggar or a stranger to Me.  I desire to meet all of your needs and provision you in every area of your life.  I have not locked you out of any benefit or blessing.  My blessings make you rich, and I add no sorrow to them.  I paid in full for everything that you need and want and nothing is beyond My authority and power to grant every request and give you the desire of your heart.  I have given you favor in My sight and hold out the golden scepter to you as you approach Me with your requests.  I will meet every need that you have and give you exceedingly abundantly in excess of what you ask for or even think, as you take Me at My Word and simply believe.  It is My good pleasure  to position, provide and empower you, for you are My beloved Child, says the LORD.

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