Creating, Impacting, Healing, Delivering, Empowering, Helping

Passivity does NOT describe Me, says the LORD. I Am always moving, working, impacting, creating, healing, delivering, empowering, helping, and never silent or idle. There is no time that My Words do not become My very Work. My thoughts are My actions that will speak in the end. I Am actively involved in the lives and destinies of everyone of My children, and I Am on task at all times, even when you are unaware, says the LORD.

You do not have to scream to my attention or wave your hands. For when you are asleep, I AM awake, as your keeper, your protector, your all in all. Perfection is My task and My constant focus, for nothing that I do can be undone. Nothing needs to be fixed or altered. I do it right the first time. My care for you is meticulous, dependable, perfect, and precise. There is nothing missing or flawed. You can depend upon Me, who is a GOD of detail and you will never be disappointed in what I have prepared and preserved for you for your discovery. I will wow you with My graciousness and kindness as I furnish you and bless you abundantly, because you belong to me, says the LORD.

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