Draw Closer to ME

Draw closer to Me, says the Lord. Press into My presence! Seek Me with all your heart, and spend quality and quantity time with Me. You cannot be closer to me without dramatic results. The closer you are, the higher you will ascend in new heights of My glory. The closer you are to Me, the deeper your roots will grow. Deep roots will cause you to become unshakable by the storms of life and the winds of adversity will not harm you. Though you may bend, you will never break. You will never snap, You will never suffer loss. You will bear much fruit even through the most severe attacks of the enemy, for your foundation will be solid, says the LORD.

Your roots will become so deep within Me and My Word that noting will be able to uproot you, says the LORD. I want you to be strong in Me. I and calling you into the secret place where I will draw you even closer, share My higher thoughts with you, and give you greater vision, deeper insight into the times and seasons that I have set forth, and clarity of purpose. COME. Come now, and abide with Me. For many are vying for your attention, and many seducing spirits are endeavoring to distract and dismantle My very own, says the LORD.

Hear My voice that is calling you to come closer to Me, says the LORD. Come near to Me. For I will strengthen you, fortify you as an impenetrable, walled city, and fill you with the power of My Spirit that will not only seal you, but flow out of you as a river of life that will reach the lost, nourish the faint hearted, and strengthen the weak. For you will be a vessel of honor that will contain My life- giving Word, My power, and I will use you for My glory, says the LORD.

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