Expect a Miracle


Expect a miracle, says the LORD.  Expect Me to work on your behalf.  Expect that I will hear and answer your prayers. Yes, have faith and trust in ME.  My love is a constant and not a variable. I will never change My mind about you. I love you always with unimpeachable love. I do not withdraw My love from you when you disobey Me and disappoint Me. I do not turn My back on you ever. I Am approachable, forgiving, merciful, and blot out your transgressions as you simply ask Me to.  I Am reliable at all times.  You can depend upon My faithfulness.  I desire to intervene for you, provision you and bless you.  I love to lavish you with good things and unexpected gifts that overwhelm you with joy.  It is my desire that you are at peace and I want you to be in My presence where there is unspeakable joy.  I love to bless you with My best gifts, says the Lord.

I love to have friendship and fellowship with you, says the Lord.  It is My pleasure to draw you close to Me and embrace you, and comfort you.  I love you radically and wonderfully.  Come into the secret place and receive joy in My presence and glory that awaits you.  Hear My tender voice as I speak softly to you.  I will give you the desire of your heart and whisper My very intimate thoughts to you.  You are precious in My sight and I Am the giver of every good gift to you.  Come and receive My love and acceptance of you and enjoy the tranquility of My presence that will bring you abiding peace and renew your strength, says the LORD.

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