Expect Your Miracle

Expect your miracle, says the LORD, for I Am a GOD of miracles, signs and wonders and there is nothing impossible for ME. Bring your impossibilities to Me. Bring your limitations to Me and lay them down at My feet. I have no limitations. Give Me the GLORY, for I AM the GOD of glory, and I Am with you; I Am in you, and I will work through you. I will give you the desires of your heart. I can, and I will. Why limit Me by your unbelief? Do not bring Me down to your ability, but let your faith arise in your hearts to Mine. I Am the creator of things and I needed nothing to begin with. I Am the beginning. I spoke thing into existence and there is nothing that MY Word will not affect. TRUST IN ME, says the LORD.

There is nothing that I cannot change, says the LORD. I can heal, repair, revive, refresh and restore. I can make all things new for you. Believe that I Am with you and will do it. Believe that I exist and that it is My will to furnish you and bring you up and out of your difficulties. I will deliver and heal and revive you. I will furnish you. I will give you all that you need and desire and more. Your faith in Me pleases Me and honors ME. TRUST that I will do all that you ask ME to do as you believe that I Am all powerful, all wise, ever-present in your life, Am the lover of your soul, and desire that you prosper and have good health. Trust that I Am a miracle working GOD, and it is My desire to do great things for you, says the LORD.

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