Fellowship With Me

I am calling you into intimacy with Me, says the Lord. I AM wanting you to friendship and fellowship with Me.  Even now I await your response.  Will you come into My presence and abandon yourself to Me?  Will you quiet yourself and the strong voices on the outside and inquire of ME?  I will speak to you and give you a message of peace. I will order you steps with My Word that will guide you in these times and cause you to KNOW what to do.  Come to Me, for I AM the author of life.  I AM life. I AM life to you!  I Am able to give you a living Word, a sure Word, a NOW WORD that will direct you and give you minute direction.  But you must silence the illegitimate voices on the outside.  You must relinquish your opinions and listen to the still voice on the inside of you, says the Lord.

There is not time that I will silence My voice, says the LORD.   I AM speaking.  I want you to have ears to hear what I Am speaking and know beyond any doubt that it is MY leading and My directing that will give you peace.  LISTEN AND OBEY MY VOICE.  Do not look for others to speak to you and your situations. I Am your God, and I will speak to you, if you will have an ear to hear.  Develop that sense of quietness and COME TO ME.  I Am the only place of rest. I AM your peace.  If you will hear and obey then My peace will keep you continually regardless of the times and seasons. You will abandon fear and you will be filled with My faith as you listen to My voice and follow only Me, says the Lord.

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