I Am the First and the Last

I Am the First and the Last, the beginning and the end, say the LORD. There is nothing in between that I do not have control over. Your times are in My hands. The seasons in your life are authored by Me. I Am in complete control of everything pertaining to you. You do not have to be in a hurry, for I will order your steps. I will provision every one of them. It is not a hop and a skip and a jump. It is a step at a time, and a step at a time of faith in ME. I will not let you down and you are not going to fall off the edge when you think that you have come to the end. Trust that there will be solid ground under you when you take the next step that I ordain for you, says the LORD.

I Am your sure foundation, says the LORD. You can trust that I AM with you always. I will under gird you and fully prepare the way for you. I will also prepare you. Do not fear the new as you endeavor to cling to the old for a sense of security and familiarity, for your destiny is in front of you. I have not changed My plan and purpose that I have prescribed for your life, despite the circumstances that you are facing. I will finish the good work that I have begun in you. I never leave anything undone. What I say, I will do. What I promise you, I will keep. I will give you what I said I would, and I will do through what I said, and you will see it unfold, without delay, distortion, disruption or denial, says the LORD.

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