Focus on Me

Focus on Me, says the Lord, and forget about the people who have rejected you, wounded you, and abandoned you. Forgive them.  Bless them. Release them and move forward with Me.  Do not look back.  What I have for you is not backward, but forward.  Get past the people and places and things that are behind.  Do you want to backtrack or do you want to stay on the straight path I have prepared for you?  I have forgiven and forgotten the sins of your past and you need to forgive all those in your past who have hurt you.  Forget those things that are behind and press forward.  Let go of it.  Do not say that history repeats itself so you have to keep it before you, says the Lord.

Look, I make all things new, says the LORD.  I did not remodel you, but made you a new creature in Me.  The old is passed away and your past does not define you or dictate your destiny.  You are not bound to make the same mistakes.  You will become as you think.  What you dwell on will become your dwelling place.  Dwell upon Me continually and think on good things.  That is where you will go.  For I only have good thoughts toward you and good intentions for you.  Think on My endless resources and power.  Set your eyes upon My inexhaustible love and grace and mercy.  Press forward to the mark of the prize of the high calling in Me and that is where you will be.  You have been around and around that mountain of defeat, fear, regret and unbelief long enough and it is time to go forward.  A new day is dawning with new light and vitality in Me. Move forward with eyes of faith and discover the destiny that I have prescribed for you ahead, says the Lord.

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