Full Speed Ahead

Astounding and amazing things will unfold for you right in front of you, says the LORD. I will suddenly alter things, change things, open things up for you, and give you unexpected blessings. You will not be able to plan, for what I have for you is uncharted territory, and new things will emerge that you never thought possible. I have no limits on My power, and I will empower you to do great feats for Me and My kingdom, says the LORD.

I have greater assignments for you to fulfill that are just ahead, says the LORD. Your long wait will be over, and the speed at which I do things will amaze you. You will be BUSY about My business, but surprisingly energized. Your strength will be renewed. Your wounds will be healed. You will forget about the former things in the light of the new, and those things that you lost will not be remembered. I will restore you. You will not weep, but you will be filled with joy and laughter. The harvest of GOOD things is coming, is plentiful, productive, purposeful, and powerful. You will not even want to look back into the rearview mirror of your life, for the excellency of My glory to come will accelerate, escalate and exhilarate, and your life will take on a brand new meaning, in a new direction, with full speed ahead, says the LORD.

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