Get Ready for Change

Get ready for the shift, says the Lord.  Get ready for change.  For there is a shifting and moving and a shaking in Me.  I Am doing it. I Am taking you out of your comfort zone and moving you into a place that you have not been or seen. I Am shaking off the confidence that you have in yourself and others and making you vulnerable and dependent upon ME. I am aligning you with ME!  I Am enforcing My kingdom within You.  Just brace yourself for the shift, as you lean on My everlasting arms.  They will hold you up, steady you and keep you from falling. No more stagnant. You wanted the new, and you wanted to hang onto the old at the same time. You wanted to be safe and secure in what you could control and understand and manipulate and see and hear and know. But I am shifting you into the unknown. I Am taking you to where you have not been and showing you what you have never seen.  I Am bringing you into to a place that is unknown territory so that you will KNOW what it is to trust in Me.  I will lead. You will follow.  Your mind will question, but your obedient heart will respond, “Speak Lord, for thy servant heareth,” says the LORD.

Cast away the old things to make room for the new, says the LORD.  For there will be a change of garments.  Give me the rags of self righteousness and take on MY salvation.  It is not you, but ME.  IT is not what you can do but what I will do in and through you.  You will not be able to operate in the natural, for I will enforce My supernatural Kingdom within you and cause you to see that there is much beyond you and others. Yes, a new place in Me is what will happen as you will have no ability to function in you any more.  What you depended upon and rejoiced in is inadequate in the new. Yes, old things will pass away and look…..I make all things new. You will be new as well, for the old you will not fit into the new. The new thing is an internal stirring and shifting in you that will cause you to be prepared for the unknown ahead.  I will provision every step of the way and as you embrace this new season, you will not only be prepared, but eagerly enjoy the sights and sounds and places that I will place you as your confidence and trust and dependency will be fixed upon Me alone, says the LORD.

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