The Prodigal Sons and Daughters Will Return

My gifts cannot be taken away from you, says the LORD. They do not belong to the enemy and I will not allow the thief to enter in. I have given you sons and daughters and say that they are My inheritance. They are not up for sale and the enemy will not enclave them, keep them bound or extract them from you. I will save your household as you believe in Me and trust in Me.  I will bring the prodigal sons and daughters back to Me, for they will once again eat at My table of blessing and be under the wings of My protection. They will not long for the pig pen and the slough again as they listen intensely to My voice and become eager to follow every one of My commands, says the LORD.

Even as My WORD declares the generation of JESUS CHRIST, I call all generations Mine, says the LORD. I Am in all the generations and will redeem MY SONS and DAUGHTERS. I will call out to them and they will hear My voice and I will cause them to come to ME. They will become a mighty army that will enforce My kingdom and proclaim My power and see My glory as I reveal it onto them. They shall be strong and bold, equipped and fearless, and I will cause them to do great feats for Me and advance My kingdom on earth. Do not despair, for your sons and daughters shall be nursed by your side and I will raise them up to be mighty warriors in Me, says the Lord.

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