Listen to the Good News

Listen to the GOOD news, says the LORD.  The atmosphere that is filled with bad news is not benefiting you. Listen to My heart. I told you that I would take care of you and help you and provide for you always. Do not think negative thoughts, for those thoughts will change the atmosphere around you and bring you to fear rather than faith in Me. I did not give you a measure of fear, but faith. Listen to My WORD on the inside of you and remember all the times I provisioned My chosen, called out people.  I will provision you. Didn’t I cause my people to have a fresh daily supply of manna in the wilderness for 40 years?  Didn’t I feed the multitudes with a few little loaves and fishes?  Didn’t I provision Peter with a valuable coin out of the mouth of a fish?  Why do you not believe that I can and will provision you and supply all your need always, I ask?  When did the times and seasons overtake Me and become a challenge to me?  I Am the creator of the times and seasons and they are under My authority and control and I will take care of you, says the LORD.

Turn away from the voices of gloom and listen to the powerful and positive voice of MY SPIRIT, says the LORD.  I will take care of you. I will not abandon you at any time. I placed you in each season for such a time as this to be a witness of MY goodness and mercy.  I did not place you here to spread fear and the message of hopelessness and despair.  I called you to speak My message of love and hope and peace.  I called you to tell of My power and provision. I called you to encourage, not to discourage.  I called you to show My care for My people. It is the GOOD NEWS that I want to hear back in My ears from My called out chosen vessels.  I will take care of My people at all times, and My unspeakable joy is what I want you to carry into the darkest places of the earth, says the LORD.


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