Mantle of Grace

I Am mantling you with great grace, says the Lord. My favor will rest upon you, for I Am a God of mercy and grace.  Just as you have obtained mercy from me and unmerited favor, I will cause you to give that same gift to others.  It is not about what they earn or how much they give or even accept the gift of your love and mercy. It is all about allowing My Spirit to flow from you.  Be as I Am on the earth.  My grace will never run out for you. My love has been poured upon you and you will also be a conduit of the very same thing.  I have given you My spirit of love and mercy and grace to extend to all others, even as I do, says the Lord.

My favor that rests upon you will cause others also to give you great favor in this season, says the LORD.  I will cause doors to open to you that have been shut. I will cause you to be aligned with people, places and things that will assist you in your kingdom destiny in Me.  I will cause others to provision you as I have called them to be in partnership with you. Nothing that you need will be left undone, for this is the season of refreshing and this is the season of newness, and this is the season of positioning, and this is the season of promotion in My kingdom.  My favor rests upon you and the things that you deemed unimaginable will unfold and I will bring you into your kingdom purpose in Me with great acceleration and increase, says the LORD.

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