Honor Comes to Those Who Honor Me

Honor comes to those who honor Me and My Word, says the LORD. I have called you and separated you onto Myself for the good works that I have ordained for you. They are honorable, and you are greatly honored by following My lead. Your life is valuable. Your purpose is GOOD, and the good works that you accomplish will not only be to your permanent credit, but Mine. I will reward you openly for your labors of love for Me. I will honor you and link your name with Mine, and you will be seated in heavenly places with Me, as I give you continual grace and glory, says the LORD.

Look forward with great faith to the things that I have prepared for you and those who love Me and honor Me, says the LORD. For things that appear now will not stop Me from giving you what your eyes have NOT seen, your ears have not heard, and your heart has not imagined. The YET is YET to come, and all will be glorious for you as you forsake the illegitimate voices that are speaking gloom and doom and disaster and propagating lies in My Name. I did not send them. I did not speak to them. But I Am speaking, and My Word will remain, unscathed, untouched, and unharmed. It will Work wondrously for you in the land of the living. Shut the door in the face of defeat and boldly proclaim that I Am with you, always, and will honor you and your faith with grace and glory, goodness and mercy, and My truth that endures forever will be manifest in your life as you honor Me by your trust in Me and My unfailing, unchanging Word, says the LORD.

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