Separated Unto GOD

I have separated you onto Myself, says the LORD.  You are My beloved child.  Come to Me as a little child with childlike faith and trust in ME.  I want you to learn that you cannot depend upon who you are, what you have, what you have achieved, what you can do or any other entitlement in life that you have independent of Me.  I Am training you to depend upon Me for your daily needs in life and to wait on Me and trust in ME when you cannot see and cannot control or change anything.  I want you to lean upon ME.  Your life is hid in ME.  Your destiny is in My hands.  I hold the key to your future.  You cannot manipulate or control your future or circumstances or change anything. You are not in charge.  I Am.  In this season, I desire you to come to Me in complete surrender and submission as a little child and allow Me to lead and direct you, says the LORD.

Your DNA has changed when you were born again and became a new creature in ME, says the LORD.   I have given you full entitlement as My child, and placed you in My kingdom.  Be on earth as I Am in Heaven.  Do as I do.  Speak as I speak. Be as I Am.  You are not your own.  I bought you with a price by My shed blood for you and the finished work on the cross.  I have given you light for darkness. I have given you a new name. I have placed My name upon you. I have given you a new spirit. I have transformed you to be like ME. Walk in the Spirit and you will not fulfill the desires of the flesh.  I have given you My Spirit and My life and My counsel and MY presence and My power, and it is more than sufficient. It is abundant.  But you Must learn to walk in My Spirit, and turn aside from the things of the flesh.  Without Me you can accomplish nothing, but in Me you are complete and through ME you can do all things well, even as I do, says the LORD.

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