Press Through the Enemy Strongholds

Press to get into your destiny in ME, says the LORD.  Yes, contend in faith for the call that I have placed in your life. It is not a passive faith, but an active warfare that you are engaged in. Clad yourself fully with My armor and arise to the occasion of pressing through the enemy strongholds.  It is not a time to cower in fear or intimidation.  Stand up as a mighty warrior in ME. I have fully equipped you to fight, and to conquer and to overrun the enemy that violently opposes your purposes in ME.  Fight back, for your victory is assured.  Become a violent enforcer of My kingdom and pursue the enemy forces head on with great courage and valor, says the LORD.

I never made you weak and inept, for every place that your feet step upon is yours, says the LORD.  I Am not leading you into a trap, but into your personal promised land.  Though the Jordon parts for you, and you stand on the promised land of your inheritance in ME, you must war a good warfare to possess it.  The walls must be flattened, the giants defeated and the weapons of the enemy destroyed along with all of his dark works. I will lead the way and see that you are well able to possess what I have promised.  It is time to push the enemy back and claim territory for My kingdom.  Even as I have overcome the world and defeated the devil, I have given you the power to tread on him in utter victory.  Arise, My mighty warrior and face the enemy head on in utter defiance of his threats and resist him and watch him flee from you.  Your victory is assured as you faithfully engage the enemy fearlessly in ME.  Never have a doubt for your faith in Me will always assure you complete and utter victory every time, says the LORD.

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