A New Day is Coming

Joy and laughter  will return to My house and My people, says the LORD. I Am pouring out and pouring in My Spirit of rejoicing, and it will flow out of you and affect all that is around you. It will break out on the left and right side. It will penetrate and radiate and explode in the midst of you. As I said I would give joy for sorrow, this is the season of great joy. The darkness is defeated and the light of a new day is upon you. I have defeated the depression that has held you back. I have taken the hopelessness away and permeated you with NEW HOPE in ME. I have given you a new song in the night that is a song of praise and thanksgiving, for a new day is coming. I Am invading you with My Spirit of favor and you will know that your hope is not in vain. I will do what I promised and bring you out of the wilderness to possess the land of your promise, says the LORD.

You will stand amazed by My blessings, says the LORD. As you embrace the things that I have prepared for you, you will be in awe of My limitless power that I put on display. You will not look back at the times of testing for the glory that is around you. Your patience and waiting will be fully rewarded, for I will break through the darkness and give you light. I will loose you from the shackles and liberate you. Joy will erupt from you like a volcano and spill from you in an unrestrained way. For the days of mourning are spent and I will have joy and laughter in My house and in My people, says the LORD.

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