Use Your Faith

I have given to you the measure of faith, says the Lord. It is sufficient for you at all times and in every situation. It came from ME, and is pure and holy. Do not look at faith as being abstract from you or ordinary, for whatever comes from Me is not common but extraordinary. USE YOUR FAITH.  It is not something to possess, but use.   You do not need more faith, you need to use what you have.  When you stretch it, it will expand and grow, and so will you. You will become bold and strong in My faith, and see great things happen because of USE, says the Lord.

Do not look at your situations or listen to the ill reports of others, says the Lord.  Abandon the negative choices and opinions of others and do not come into agreement with them. That will only distract you.  Focus on what I Am saying and pay attention to what I doing, and simply follow Me.  It will take your faith in action to follow Me, for I Am always moving.  Step out of the realm of your comfort zone and the things that you deem possible and advance to daring faith that will reach forth for those impossible things that I will DO.  If it is easy and you can do it out of your own abilities or the help of others, it doesn’t require faith in Me.  Launch out into the deep and grasp ahold of those things that you cannot see or touch and believe Me for that.  Do not allow your feelings to dictate, for they will betray you.  Let faith arise in your heart as you dare to believer Me to do the impossible and hold fast to that profession. I Am good for it and I will do what you will boldly believe Me to do, says the LORD.

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