I Am overly kind, overly merciful, overly loving to you, says the LORD. I Am El Shaddai, God Almighty, MORE THAN ENOUGH for you. I will lavish My love upon you. My grace and mercy is inexhaustible. My kindness cannot be comparable to any other. I daily pour out My blessings upon blessings to you, and you are loved, cared for, important to Me, and always in My arms that embrace you, comfort you, provide for you, protect you, and secure you, says the LORD.

You cannot find ANY FAULT in Me and My care for you, says the LORD. I Am Faithful and TRUE, always. I have kept you, am keeping you, and will keep you, and cannot fail you. You are never out of my sight, and I will supply all your need, because you belong to Me. Be assured that you are NEVER forgotten, never devaluated, NEVER unloved. I Am your EVERYTHING and YOUR ALL, and MORE than enough for you, now and always, and when all else fails, you can DEPEND upon Me as you place your trust in Me, says the LORD.

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